Friday, January 15, 2010

updates ya'll

1. yesterday was mine and tyler's 4 year anniversary. hooray for us. we usually go somewhere, but this time we just stayed home. it was actually a pretty perfect day. we just spent all day together and hung out... went out for meals.... decided against seeing a movie and just got a red box and some ice cream... and ty was real sweet.. (like when we were dating sweet, which is rare).

2. my job is going really well... i am now working in the office as a leasing agent in addition to cleaning. what can i say? i move up the ranks pretty quickly.

3. i have come down from the shock of my calling, and now i am really excited. i don't start until monday, but i went this morning to meet them, and get the manual and what not. i think the current/ex teacher was a little miffed that he is not going to be teaching anymore. and i think he's a little worried about the job i'm going to do. that is if he actually meant all those little comments he made- ha. he obviously doesn't realize that i'm the bomb.

4. i feel like i love so many people.... but unfortunately none of them live anywhere near me. (excluding my close by family, of course, and tyler of course... i merely meant to say that i seem to be irritated at every human i come in contact with all day long).

5. jimmy kimmel is soooo funny. he has the best intro monologues in the biz.

6. dad and kathi are coming to town tomorrow bright and early for a delicious breakfast out and a full day of garage and estate saleing. can't wait... for breakfast. just kidding, i can't wait for all of it, but let's be honest... i love food.

7. i am so grateful for the invention of ... what would i do without ... ? for those of you who are trying to figure that out i mean the dot dot dot, trailing off, writing phenomena. it's sweeping the nation.

8. kelly sent me the funniest youtube video of a rap-off between voldemort and harry potter. it is so funny. you should try and find it. i know i could find it for you and link to it, but i have neither the time, nor the inclination.
ps- i feel like "rap-off" isn't the correct term, but i cannot for the life of me think of what it really is called. "rap-off" sounds so "white", doesn't it? and here i've always prided myself on my ethnic slang.

9. let's see... what else can i say...
ummm, i think i'm all out of material. so leave me a comment, and i'll get back to you. BEEP.


heather said...

you really are such a good writer nicole. Also, I found the recipe. You have to go to my old family blog. There is a link on my sidebar for it and then to June of 2008. Whoola, the recipe.

Kirsti said...

nicole you are so funny! just from that post i can tell how happy you are and i'm so happy for you! i miss you...
ps i love the dot dot dot too
pps it's called a rap battle haha you are so white...but i only know that cuz my husband is an MC. whoo whoo!

kelly said...

you are so funny! just from that post i can tell how happy you are and i am so happy for you! i miss you. you really are such a good writer. ps it's called a rap battle. but i only know that cuz my husband is a beat boxer. i miss you...boom, you're roasted.

GRodenberg said...

we needed to talk longer...i love the dots also...but the calling called. haha

shauna.m. said...

r u mocking the ...? cuz i am a huge over user of it...see? its the only way i can make typing read somewhat close to the way i talk dot dot dot

Kirsti said...

i don't get it. is kelly being mean to me? i think my feelings are hurt.

kelly said...

oh no kirsti, oh no! nicole makes me comment sometimes even if i don't have anything to say right then, so i just copied other comments to appease her. no no no making fun!