Wednesday, January 06, 2010

resolutions and such

okay, in honor of the new year, i have started to compile a list in my mind of what i want it to be like. i have high hopes for 2010, i really do.

[throat clearing]

1- finish my book. this is of A-1 importance to me.
2- read the book of mormon and new testament, each in their entirety.
3- reach my goal weight. (and no, i'm not telling you what that is).
4- be able to run five miles.... in a row.
5- vacation to either: NYC or a tropical island TBA.
6- reproduce.

if i can accomplish these few simple things i will be set.

on a side note:
i just finished the last harry potter this week. [insert big sigh and smile]. i love it. i love harry, i love ron, i love fred and george, and hermione, and luna, and ginny, and sirius, and hogwarts, and dumbledore, and and and... you get the picture. i'm in love, and i'm going through serious withdrawls now that i'm done with the series. i also had a harry potter movie marathon at the ives' house (where i just was for the baby blessing) and i have watched through movie 5 now, and all i can think about is watching number six... which i intend to get from red box on my way home from work tonight. i can't wait.

that's all for now.
happy new year.


Jane said...

this is a great list! all accomplish-able and all great things. now the book....that's just amazing that you're writing one. I am excited for you and impressed. very very impressed.

ashleyboice said...

do you remember how I kept telling you to read Harry Potter?? I am so happy you finally did...aren't they wonderful? I kept wishing I was a wizard (or I guess it would have to be witch) when I was reading them. By far some of my favorite books ever.

I just started south beach...sucky. But I can feel myself getting skinnier.

Count us in on the vacation to tropical island.

Miss you.


sarawhat said...

I read the whole series like 6 months ago. Matt kept asking when it was going to be over and I was going to start being his wife and taking care of the kids again. hahaha. Couldn't your vacation destination be Germany?? You have a free place to stay for pity sake!! I've called you a bajillion times the last few days, but your voice mail never picks up. Call me.

julieb said...

after everyone i know keeps saying harry potter is awesome, im putting it next on my list. right after i finish the bridei chronicles, which i love by the way. and maybe can we plan a best friend cruise? kids can come.. sara, kirsti...

julieb said...

oh, and im real excited for your book. and think another goal should be to update that blog more often.....

kirsti osborne said...

nicole those goals are good ones. i agree with julie. can we have a best friend cruise this year? sara when are you here next? at least you, julie and me can get together for our reunion in june. i hope you finish your book this year!! i love you. i finally updated my blog too.