Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 is going to be a banner year

i'm so excited and inspired for life right now, so i thought it would be a good time to plan out some of my resolutions for the year...

* plant and nurture a garden full of delicious vegetables that i then use to prepare delicious healthy meals
* along with that i want to get as self sufficient as possible. ie: start our food storage, grind my own wheat... you can use your imagination
* continue on my quest to learn the banjo and the guitar. for those of you who don't know, tyler and i had roberta order us a banjo, and we've been practicing at her house together. who knows, maybe we'll take our act on the road. sonny and cher meets john denver. but seriously, tyler is doing it for therapy on his right hand... isn't that great?
* get a serious start on making a documentary with rachel rennaker about marriage/divorce
* visit teach
* get out of debt
* get pregnant
* read lots of good books that will enrich my mind and soul
* maybe write a book of my own
* take a couple of credits of night classes at the college towards my b.s.
* lose 10 pounds.... but more than that, i want to be and feel healthy and in shape
* stop being intimidated of recipes that look "fancy" to me. try them and master them.
* maybe make up a couple recipes of my own
* be responsible
* keep an immaculate house
* get back the same kind of scriptural knowledge that i had on my mission
* be a really really good wife we'll see how all that goes. any good ideas for other resolutions?


kelly said...

woah you're gonna be busy.

Berta said...

I just read this . . . and now I'm ready for a NAP - exhausting! . . but lofty! I believe in you!

heather said...

I like the "be responsible" one. What exactly does that entail?

cort said...

Ya like any of that is going to happen!

cort said...


rachel said...
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GRodenberg said...

any goals to come see long lost sisters???

Chantri said...

Hey! I am visiting your blog, liked from your Mom-in-law...I great up with the house right down from his. I love your blog (and Tyler's as the perm, seriously!) Anyways you two are such a great couple. You are beautiful.
Chantri (Warnke)

Whitney Amelia said...

soso awesome your learning the gutair and banjo. planting a garden is something that will change your life. im excited for you and your inspiration.

TK421 said...


Anonymous said...

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