Friday, February 22, 2008

i suck... you're the best.... as per usual

this is my best friend julie. she is wonderful and thoughtful and sweet and beautiful and loyal. unless your name is sara powell, then she likes to torture you. julie sent me the cutest little book in the mail entitled "i like you" which was so sweet, and i have yet to call her and thank her. so i wanted to publicly chastise myself for not being a better long distant friend. i know you all probably hate me most of the time (sara), but i promise that i love you all so much (julie and sara), i think about you and talk about you constantly. we have shared some of the best memories of my life, and you'll be my best friends forever. forgive me my weaknesses (not calling or answering my phone)... i know i have many. i love you. thank you for the book julie, i love it.


GRodenberg said...

at least I know it's not just me that you don't call or answer!!! haha

kirsti osborne said...

kirsti who?