Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what's on my mind right now

1. i wish that crazy people (like the woman sitting across from me in the library) would not talk in public... quit freaking everbody out, you know?
2. i am starving
3. i finally finally got past the first two pages of east of eden and it's really really good. i can't wait to get back to it.
4. do you ever feel like you're surrounded by incompetence... i do, and i think these people should be publicly recognized... where has all the customer service gone??? i'll tell you where- Ray's chevron in rexburg. i go there for gas without fail (even though it's more expensive) because they have squeaky clean 15 yr old boys running around pumping everyones gas and accepting their payments with a smile.
5. i just finished the peacegiver (kelly has been bugging me for forever to read it) and it is so good. everyone needs to read it. it is particularly good for, but not limited to, people who hate their spouses.
6. we just got two unexpected checks in the mail, one kinda big, as refunds from our mortgage companies of the duplex. woohoo
7. tyler has been waiting for EVER, impatiently, for this particular documentary to be sent by netflix. he kept thinking it was at the top of the queue (sp?) but then it wouldn't come. it finally came today and you have never seen anyone happier... then he took it out, and the dvd was cracked in half on one side.
...........what's on your mind right now??


kelly said...

what's on my mind is that you are ON one today and i LIKE it! and i have also been bugging you to read east of eden forever. i don't know why you don't trust me by now.

Debbie said...

I will have to try East of Eden! My brother gave all his siblings and our parents "Peacegiver" and it is really good. It is nice to be reminded that God sees potential in everyone else too.

What is on my mind? I need a haircut :-). When are you going to be down again, I missed you in the beginning of January.

I hope all is well-- good luck with the documentary, which one is it by the way?

GRodenberg said...

ok, why is it we all sound more and more like Dad as we get older? It is hilarious when someone spouts an intelligent insightful diatribe about the stupid things other people do. At least I think it's funny. Mike...not so much.

kirsti said...

nicole, that post was so funny and so you. i miss you sooooo much. on my mind: nothing. i'm still getting over jetlag and my mind is not functioning yet.

sarawhat said...

you don't want to know what's on mind right now because it's full of bad words abouts best friends not returning phone calls.

rachel said...

hey, i just started the peace giver yesterday. so far it's sorta cliche and cheesy, but i can see the message is going to be good.

ummm, who, exactly, are the incompetent people you are surrounded by (wink wink) ??

heather said...

i have about three thousand things on my mind!!! That is why i am like that crazy lady at the library talking to herself.

TK421 said...

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