Sunday, January 07, 2007


Lots of different things and decisions etc. going on right now. First of all I am officially on the south beach diet. I have just completed day two and am doind pretty good. I am surprising myself with my will power, and I can't wait to be skinny! Second of all, I am excited because Tyler and i will have been married for one yearin exactly one week. So next weekend we are going to Jackson Hole for one night, fun fun. Third of all, we put an offer on a house! I'll tell more about it tomorrow, because I'm so tired, and we have to fill out an app. on line for the bank. Ok, bye.


GRodenberg said...

real estate moguls!!!! I want to go on a diet tooo!!! Please motivate me to lose the chub! love ya

Grant McCaleb said...

Whats doind and yearin?

Mandee said...

Hi Nicole,

miss you. keep us posted on how south beach goes. i gained like 80 pounds over the holidays so i enlisted kelly to be my nutritionist. so far so good.