Wednesday, December 15, 2010

chestnuts roasting on an open fire... (read that how kenny sings it)

i know it's been a while. it seems like i only want to blog when i'm super high or super low. (manic or depressive- ha). so i've been trying to hold out for a good mood (cause i've had plenty of bad ones). and guess what? i'm feeling pretty good right now!

here are the haps on the craps:

i have been so so busy at work, which is so good moneywise, but pretty stressful every way elsewise. i can't complain though. i have a really good job, and i'm so grateful.

i am so excited for christmas break of not teaching seminary! i can't wait to sleep in... i have been so tired. i can tell the kids are so tired too. we all need a break i think. we have one more day of normal class and then friday we are having a big breakfast at my house. this is becoming a little tradition we do before breaks. it is a lot of cooking that i do by myself, but the kids love it, so it's worth it. it is the only day that they are all on time :)

kenny came over for dinner last night. he has always made my heart hurt cause i love him so much, and i'm so glad we live so close. we actually get together at one of our houses pretty regularly. kenny always picks the menu... we had delicious salmon, asparaugus and rice, with mom's fruit cocktail and garlic bread... and we watched it's a wonderful life (his choice) by the light of the christmas tree and fireplace. cozy. kenny is such a little boy in his heart. he usually brings sophia (who is the yummiest), but he didn't last night because he had a meeting with his advisor at UNR. i am so proud of him and excited for him. he is starting classes in january, and will be taking a full load for the next 1-2 years to finish with his teaching certificate. he wants to teach high school history and coach. he will be amazing at both. also a bonus: when he starts school he'll be coming to our house a lot more and maybe even crashing here one night a week. good good stuff.

i am so excited for christmas! we are going to idaho for 1 to 1.5 weeks and i can't wait. going back to idaho is like going back to a cozy little comfort zone. i can't explain it right, but when i go to the boice's i want to move in to their spare bedroom and never leave. all seven kids in ty's family will be there for christmas which hasn't happened in quite a while and we are all staying in a HUGE "cabin" together christmas eve and christmas night. so fun. get ready for some family pictures!

i am also looking forward to seeing movies in the movie theatre. it seems the only time i have to do this anymore is when i'm on vacation. my top two are harry potter (no, i have not yet seen it) and true grit. i can't wait for true grit. the original is one of my family favorites.

can i just brag about my husband for a minute? don't worry, i don't do it very often- ha. he has just been the best husband lately. i'm kinda obsessed with him. or real in love with him. i have been so stressed and sick and busy and overworked and tired..... and he has been wonderful.  when i'm freaking out he asks what i'm stressed about and asks what he can do to help. he says things like, 'don't worry about the dishes, i'll do them. i'll put in laundry, so don't think about that. why don't you go get in bed so you're not tired.' he brings me things, he does whatever i ask him. it's great. he is so supportive. i love being home with my little family of tyler and dottie. everything seems okay when we're together. the other night i had a breakdown and was sobbing on tyler, and he just soothes me and tells me everything is alright, and then he makes me laugh, and it doesn't seem so bad. he's my best friend.

poor dottie is a ziggy piggy. she's on a diet, but everyone keeps making fun of her. kenny says she's going to have 'alligator legs' by the next time he sees her.

okay, that's all for now.
in case i don't post again before christmas....
Merry Christmas!!!!


Kirsti.osborne said...

yay!!! a new post! i love you so much!! i'll be in Utah for Christmas. we should meet up in malad or something. oh i miss you. next time you ahve a break from work and seminary i wanna come to reno so just let me know and i will seriously plan it!

Anonymous said...

ohhh i am obsessed with your posts!

i want to move down there and make loads of $$$ too!

very excited for christmas, see you soon!


Mandi said...

I am real excited to see you at Christmas. Be thinking about where you want to go for lunch.

heather said...

oh nicole i loved you. i laughed, i cried. i wish it was me there getting my haircut. and tyler is being so awesome because you are working so hard, and he just finds a hard hard worker irresistible. smile. i want to do all those things too, but now as the mom i have to make all the magic, and it is so tiring to make christmas so special for everyone. ha

GRodenberg said...

favorite post ever, and I miss cozy Kenny