Monday, October 11, 2010

pretty tahoe pictures and my pretty puppy and a pretty big accomplishment

i dare you to tell me that dottie is not the cutest thing in the whole wide world. just kidding, cause if you tell me that i won't like you anymore. but seriously, she's beautiful and i love her. these first couple pics are courtesy of roberta, when they were here visiting. amazing pictures. tyler and i were dying and trying to pick which one of dottie we are going to blow up and frame. we're infertile... give us a break.

okay from here down is the big accomplishment that i have yet to blog about. tyler and i climbed mt. tallac a couple weeks ago. for those of you who don't know, it's real real hard. you basically climb up the face of a mountain. and i'm talking a tahoe mountain. i grew up hiking, but i never thought i could or would do tallac. and i did it!! i was so so proud of myself, but also couldn't walk for like 2 days after. i was on a 'i can do anything' high for like a week after. it was awesome. and for some reason the pics look blurry- but you get the idea.

on the way down, which you would think would be easy, but is so hard!

one of the two lakes on the way up.

this is the mountain we climbed to
the top of.

this is at the top... there are a million chipmunks that are not afraid of people and dottie was going nuts... notice ty's death grip on her. she literally would have jumped off the cliff to get one.

view from the top. b-e-a-utiful.

'merry christmas from the boice's!' there... now you all got our card.

this snuck in at the bottom.

ps- we are so excited cause cortney and ashley and fam are coming this week!! i blog it and it happens- yay! so i better get cleaning and washing sheets.


kelly said...

i forget that you pretty much live there. and this post made me so jealous.

Kirsti said...

dottie really is the prettiest dog!! and i agree with kelly. i am so jealous. i wanna hike there with you. did you do tallac in one day. i have only ever done it as an overnight hike. i miss you!

julieb said...

ummm those pics of dottie are amazing! can roberta take gwens glamor shots too??

The life of MeMe said...

That is so great! Phil was dying when he saw the picture of the lake from your hike. He said that we need to come do it with you guys next time. Are you up for round two?

bBchronicles said...

Oh "dotter" (get it: daughter!) - I wuv you! She was a GREAT poser for granny - just love these. So proud of you guys hiking that great trek and not dying of heart-failure!!! So fun.

PS JULIEB - I'm up for gwen's glamor photos!!!!!

Hugs - MomBerta

ashleyboice said...

woot woot...I can't wait. (of course you bettah believe I won't be hiking anywhere)

GRodenberg said...

I can't belive you did that. The 3rd pic of Dottie is my fave. AND, the other amazing accomplishment is your darling figure-woo hoo! smokin hot

heather said...

The girls have been talking about dottie today because we read a dog book. Lizzie wants a dog just like her. The pictures up at the top are amazing. I wanted to cry because i miss tahoe. I pretend I am in tahoe all the time in my house. The air is so cool and refreshing right now too. Like fall tahoe weather. If I could, I think I would come to Tahoe for my 40th birthday. miss you cole. you look really good (so do you tyler, oh and dottie too! smile).