Wednesday, July 15, 2009


yesterday tyler called me to tell me that the back window of his truck totally shattered out of nowhere. he said he thought he handled it pretty good though, as he didn't say one swear word, and just dealt with it. i replied, "yep, that's the breaks", to which he said, "what brakes?" and i said "you know, like 'that's the breaks', the expression?" and he said "what?", and i said, "it's a really well known expression, how do not know that?" and he said, "well, i've never heard that before in my life."
whaaaaaat? who has never heard that?
when he got home he told me that after he got off the phone with me he asked devon, the kid that works for him (that he also has a total bromance with), if he knew what 'that's the breaks' meant. to which devon replied, "yeah, it means to slow down, duh."
uhhh, is it an idaho thing?
speaking of devon and tyler's bromance...
it is the funniest thing ever. they talk on the phone all the time, but it is mostly saying things like, "you are so dumb, if you were here right now i'd punch you in the face", said in that flirty, teasing, i'm pretending i'm serious sort of way.
oh the silliness of new love.
the other week in primary tyler told the kids that the reason they were refusing to do something was because they 'probably weren't smart enough to do it'. to which the most reverent, well- behaved boy in our class responded, 'yes we are, you fart'.
tyler and i about died we were laughing so hard.
tyler is real funny.


shauna.m. said...

i love it...and who hasn't heard that saying? so weird

sarawhat said...

I feel like that saying is in a movie or something. Like I can picture it coming out the mouth of a mafia member? Maybe Danny Devito? haha. Anyways, I think it's really funny that Tylers status has been downgraded to a "fart". I thought you had to be like 60 to reach that status.

Maggie said...

I have NEVER heard that saying before in my life.

But I like it.

GRodenberg said...

as in "Gimme a break"? Surely he's heard of that one! Tyler stories are my favorite, 2nd only to Landon stories! They should be best friends. They could sing Hot Legs together in the grocery store

Kennedy said...

how does he not know what that means? :/ haha I miss you coco. need some cozy and hair play!

sarawhat said...

Matt and I were driving home from the store last night and a guy on a moped drove past me. I started laughing to myself as my mind was flooded with all the memories from our imfamous moped night. Remember how we got pulled over by a cop while we were on it? And he told us we couldn't have two people on it and that there was no break light? So he went to follow me home and it ran out of gas? So we had to walk it back to the boys house that I had taken it from? And I found out I had stolen it? And we sat on the curb and crylaughed forever? Goodtimes.