Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'm happy and i know it

here's why,

1. i'm going to tahoe in august
2. the jabba wokkies (spelling???) their little performance on sytycd was my dream come true. if you want to know what i dream about, it's that. and waxing people's faces with honey. it was really stressful.
3. my garden is off the chizzain. like really good. our corn is at least... ten feet tall.
4. dottie got sprayed with a skunk tonight, but i am sleeping at the boice's (dogsitting not divorce), so i don't have to deal with it at all! have fun with that ty.
5. i drank lots and lots of diet dr. pepper.
6. when i told kelly i was in demand she said, "with who?? the change giver at the fast food window??" i laughed real hard.
7. tyler called me for a phone number and when i went to give it to him he said (in all seriousness), "wait i don't have a pen... oh here's a stick, i'll just write it in the dirt." i repeat it was in all seriousness.
8. i've been writing like a bat out of hell... if bats could write.
9. my two friends who read all that writing and tell me how wonderful i am... even though i think they are just being nice sometimes.... but sometimes i agree with them.
10. i have been laughing so much lately. i am finding everything extremely funny. frankly, i'm jovial. i don't know why, but isn't laughing the best? and the great thing is, it's mostly when i'm by myself.

ps- sorry for the lists all the time... it's my most comfortable writing medium.


kirsti osborne said...

i love you nicole. you ARE a great writer! i'm not just saying that either!

sarawhat said...

we never talk...I know nothing of your writing. pshhhh.

Kristine said...

that list made me really happy. and i'm dying about tyler writing a phone number in the dirt. hilarious.

happy you're happy!

julieb said...

nicole, please tell me you will be in tahoe sometime between the 14th-19th because thats when i will be in tahoe and i just miss you, and wish i could read your new book, and have lunch at sprouts and pass eachother with our dads on the garage sale circle.
love you

Berta said...

I want to leave a comment! "Oh wait! I don't have a computer - I have a stick, I'll write it in the dirt!"! Ok, I admit it, it's NOT as funny as Ty-lard-o! I'll write it in chalk on the streets of Hollywood Blvd! See you soon, missy-dog-sitter! Sorry to hear about Dottie!

shauna.m. said...

u are a great writer and i know it cuz none of us friends are that nice

GRodenberg said...

i love your blog