Monday, April 20, 2009

reading is so hot right now

i'm always a voracious reader (which is why i know words like voracious)... but i have been on a roll even for me.
i'm currently reading "extremely loud and incredibly close", and it is amazing. i keep calling kelly and reading her lines (which she hates), and cornering tyler and reading him pages (which he tolerates). it is so brilliant and witty and endearing and emotional and laugh out loud funny. it is also very inspiring to me as a writer- yes i call myself a writer now (which kelly tolerates)- because he writes in such an unorthodox way. it helps take the scariness out of writing by reminding you that really, there are no rules.
i also just got in the mail from amazon (my fav) the collected poems of emily dickenson. it is such a yummy book cover. i have also been calling kelly to read her lines out of that (which she only pretends to listen to). here is my favorite so far...

Did our Best Moment last-
'Twould supersede the Heaven-
A few- and they by Risk- procure-
So this sort- are not given-

Except as stimulants- in
Cases of Despair-
Or Stupor- The Reserve-
These Heavenly Moments are-

A Grant of the Divine-
That Certain as it Comes-
Withdraws- and leaves the dazzled Soul
In her unfurnished Rooms


i forget said...

who is this hilarious kelly? because i would like to be her best friend.

Kirsti said...

ohhhh! i love it. please call me and tell me those lines from the books. i think i would love them as much as you do!

lindsey said...

I LOVE "EL&IC" (sorry, I'm late for work). Such a moving book and he is such a talented writer.

Good for you!!

With all this writing, do you have time to cut my hair when I'm there in May?

Jane said...

I just finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I love it, I can't resist adding words like "JOSE!" or "Obviously" or "Extremely" to every sentence like Oscar.

shauna.m. said...

love that book!!! love you miss you