Thursday, April 30, 2009

i'm so excited about life right now. here's why:

1. "the year one" with jack black and michael cera comes out in june.
2. the "paper heart" trailer.
3. the trailer on shauna's blog for "500 days of summer".
4. the sequels to night at the museum and transformers (i love shia lebeouf)
-they're not all movies, i promise, but there are so many good movies coming out-
5. elantris... which is the title of the book i just finished, that you should all start reading today if you haven't already. sooo good!
6. heir to sevenwaters, which i am about to start reading, which is book number four in a series that i love by an author named juliet marrilier. look it up, they're also real good.
7. the office and 30 rock are so funny.
8. it's about time to start our garden.
9. our lawn is coming in so green and pretty.
10. julie's wedding.
11. writing is like, my favorite thing to do... and my book is coming along real well. i love to write dialogue. it's kinda like playing scrabble against yourself (which i have done). i'm not sure how else to put it.
12. i'm planning on going to tahoe this summer.
13. the cooking club girls + shauna are coming to stay at my house this weekend- yay!
14. my latest two amazon purchases which include the cd of steve martin's stand up act in the 70's, "let's get small", and shakesphere's sonnets. both classics.

i could go on and on, but you get the idea.


heather said...

oh what a happy little world. movies, books, and food. smile.

shauna.m. said...

i love it i love that i got a special shout out...but aremt i a cooking club girl...the original startimg group...if it was just a psecial shout out to keep me pacified then ignore...soooo excited can not wait...u me taco time

Raydar Love said...

stop being so damn cool

kelly said...

ya, that is a happy little world. who needs kids?

kirsti osborne said...

i totally agre with kell! enjoy it while it lasts! i love you and i can't wait until june for jules wedding. i wanna sit with you and read all of your book ideas and writings. i love you!

sarawhat said...

I have some really great dialogue/short stories/love stories that I could send you for some inspiration. But you might have to change some of the names.....hahaha

G-rant said...

Blah blah blah

Teija in PDX said...

Coley--you are EXACTLY Liz Lemon from 30 Rock! I can't get over it! And I mean that as a HUGE compliment, because Tina Fey is pretty much the coolest!

sarawhat said...

Yes I have the short stories.... you gave them to me after you found them. I have them in a box with all my other embarrassing crap from growing up. I'll bring them with me to Julie's wedding. We can read them, drink diet coke, and eat some yummy food.