Sunday, January 08, 2012

this is a real hard post... and my last one

i have been avoiding this announcment, but i think it's time to make it.
tyler and i are getting a divorce.
gosh, that is horrible to even type out.
it has been a very hard decision to make, but i know it will be for the best for both of us.
i wish tyler every happiness in his life.
i will miss him and his beautiful family.

okay totally crying....
i won't be continuing this blog any longer.
i will probably, eventually, start another one that will be private.
if you would like an invite to it, just email me.

well, i guess this is goodbye.
thanks for reading.
love, nicole


GRodenberg said...

Xoxoxo to both of you

Mandi said...

love you sweet Nicole

Kirsti.osborne said...

So hard. So sad. With no more blogging that just means we have to talk way more.

debsfreckles said...

Well I don't really know you, although I like to pretend I do. I would love to read your future blog if it is one where you let nice blog stalkers in.
Also want to wish you good luck with your new start and sorry that you are going through this hard time. I have no doubt you will make it through just fine.

Marcella Deter said...

i am so sorry nicole, but i am glad your are doing what is right for you. hope you are ok. you are such a strong girl! i would love to be invited to your blog! marcellapci(at)

My New Life said...

Well this was a rough post to read and was hoping to never see this day, i guess deep down i was hoping to work things out, thats not the case. I just want everyone to know that the short time we were married was the best time of my life, I wish cole the best in her new life and i will always have a sweet spot in my heart for you good luck cole. tyler

Lindsay said...

I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I would love to continue reading your new one. Love and blessings to you.

katie said...

I found your blog through your sister's (who is a friend of mine). I would love to read your new blog. I love how you and all of your sisters write! I've been through divorce and know how hard it is. But I have found that it's never too late to live happily ever after and am sure you will find that out for yourself. Good luck to you, and thanks for all of your inspiring posts :)