Friday, May 08, 2009

hey- oh

has anyone read city of bones?? *spoiler* what the what that he turns out to be her brother. i was seriously disturbed by that... it took me a couple of days to recover. you don't have two characters fall in love and kiss and then have them find out they are siblings. gross. i hope beyond hope that there is a loophole or something, but it seems like a pretty airtight case. sigh.

oh, one more movie (documentary) that i am so excited for : Anvil, the story of anvil. look up the trailer... it looks like new york doll. same kinda thing.
sidenote: who came up with that title?? anvil, the story of anvil?? who would we think the story was about? head shake.

i am officially low carb.... for two days and counting. i am looking forward to being skinny. thumbs up.


kelly said...

TWO thumbs up!
i am low carb too. head shake.

ashleyboice said...

ahhh you can do it! If you need any recipe suggestions you can call me. I miss you too...we are trying to come up...maybe soon.

sarawhat said...

ummmm can you and kelly both me non-low carb when I come to utah for the wedding? I'm bringing delicious goodness...with carbs. And can you call me when you have a minute so we can talk wedding. I found out there's a flight going into Hill AFB in Utah on June 7th. It's like, meant to be. When will you be going down? My inlaws are all about taking my kids off my hands for a few days so I'm going to be a free woman. Call me.

GRodenberg said...

i am currently on a high carb diet, with lots of stress to boot, so how about a pep talk for the chubby chick in Illinois?