Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tyler's very first scrapbook page!!

The other night Tyler and I were having "creative time", he was doing leather working and I was scrapbooking. He kept looking over at the page I was working on, and finally said, "I'm going to show you what a page is supposed to look like". An excuse really as I know he has been dying to scrapbook with me. So Tyler began his very first page, and he is very excited for me to post it on two peas. Too funny! He really really wants to get a lot of comments and take the scrapbook world by storm. I was teasing him about it while he was doing his page and he said over his shoulder, "i'm already getting Lots of comments." (from himself that is).


kellymccaleb said...

tyler's REAL funny. no one gives him enough credit for that

jill said...

This is really funny to me because your husband is kind of just like mine. He has this page in progress that he wants to post on twopeas and he is always talking about how many comments he will get. lol. So this totally cracks me up. And I feel a little bit like a stalker posting on your blog, but oh well. It looks like you have a good husband!